There Are Some Necessary iPhoneS In Japan

The Softbank flagship store in Tokyo received a truck load of iPhones a year ago. This shop is greeted by customers with great gung ho. People have always been here and have appreciated buying their iPhones in the last one year.

Something ahead of I-Phones Needed in Japan

Something ahead of I-Phones Needed in Japan

However, when you look at the box arrival of the iPhone 3GS handset this year, you will find relatively few people and a reporter to fully cover the unexpected launch.

The boxes were soon unloaded as the store opened the door to welcome and store. The launch was nothing short of a deal because no one else in Japan was interested in the iPhone.

There were no official queues or ratings and even the organizers who were supposed to host the launch did not show up.

This apparent interest in the iPhone is a problem in Japan. Apple and Softbank need to work hard to win people's interest. However, they get no buzz compared to the massive uproar they got last year. In less than a year, iPhones seem to have gone out of business in Japan.

Last year only people had unlimited enthusiasm for the recent iPhone but now the opposite is true.

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