Sony Will Bring Vein Authentication Technology

Sony has unveiled its new vein authentication technology, called Mofiria. The company says the new technology is "compact size, high speed, high accuracy finger vein authentication technology".

Sony Will Bring Vein Authentication Technology

The new technology was unveiled in Tokyo this month and is expected to hit the UK market soon. The results of the technology cannot be said at the moment, but it looks like it will be a ground sign in technological development.

At this time, Sony has launched the product to ensure the ultimate security system in the computing world, To save the network workstation. It can be helpful in other cases as well.

The function of this technology is described as follows: "Vein authentication uses a unique method where a CMOS sensor captures scattered light diagonally between the veins of the finger, making a flat layout possible."

As a result, a smaller and more flexible design could be made available for creating this technology on mobile devices.

Mafia is claimed to be a fool-proof system because it uses veins for authentication, internal parts of the body that cannot be easily replaced. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Sony is hoping to introduce the same technology in mobile sets this year as well. It is thought to be an innovative technology that will overtake facial recognition, finger switching and eye ball scanning and recognition.

Hopefully this new technology will give a new dimension to work in the world of innovation. We may see more complex body scanning for security purposes in the future.

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