Microsoft Will Bring Netflix To Windows Media Center

Microsoft to bring Netflix in Windows Media Center: Microsoft is signing an agreement to bring Netflix streaming movie service to Windows Media Center.

Microsoft Will Bring Netflix To Windows Media Center

At the moment XP users cannot access Netflix services and it is available for Vista and Home Premium users.

But after the deal, Windows Media Center owners will be able to find items from the Netflix library, as well as manage their DVD rows, and it will filter searches to get instant access to the title with the help of filter search.

Microsoft is working hard to increase the amount of content available in Windows Media, and the company has also released a new sports channel that includes replays of the NCAA basketball tournament.

"We are working to create a broader approach to eliminate the need to move from one website to another to access TV shows, news, sports and movies," Microsoft said in a statement.

On the other hand, the partnership agreement for Netflix will allow Windows Media Center to offer its services, as it has been doing for various Vista users.

Windows Media Center owners need to subscribe to rental services to gain access to Netflix and then they can start Windows Media Center and stream movies.

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