Future Of Google's Digital Books Hangs In The Balance

Future Of Google's Digital Books Hangs In The Balance

Search giant Google is now going to digitize the world of books and has decided to give this world the most effective online library.

But it's not as easy as setting up your own book library because it requires the approval of the authors and publishers involved.

Thus the future of Google's digital books lies in the decisions of the judiciary, book publishers, authors and federal judges. But the company is confident that it will succeed in its proposal and will soon give the project a great success.

The Google Book Search Project is a project that gets the highest priority considering the difficulties involved in implementing the project.

In addition to the financial and technical limitations, the project requires a lot of approval and legal formalities.

Google released plans for the project in 2003 and the author filed a lawsuit against Grand for some copyright infringement, but the company came up with a proposed settlement that is still under review. Thus the company expects to rely on this settlement decision for the project.

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